Transfer of accounts - read this if you cannot login.

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Transfer of accounts - read this if you cannot login.

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The move to the new forum has been completed, the following accounts have been migrated over:

Ruben Hornacek
Ian Smythe
Sanjin Haler
Fabian Casula
Dom Tranquille
Kelvin Mace
Jakub Smetana
Yosh Hughes
Carsten Theile
Chris Hill
Alex Pab
J.R. Franklin
Adrian Porter
Cole Mcfall
Pavel Zherebtsov
Stanislav Pavlov
Ken Hunter
Jarmo Nordstrom
Simon Topham

You should be able to login to this new forum with your existing username and password, if you cannot, use the password reset (I forgot my password link) to reset it.

If your name is not on this list please don't be offended, on the old forum there were several thousand accounts, 99.9% of which were either inactive or had not been used for some time (drivers who retired for instance), because it's a bit of a pain to do, we have only migrated over the accounts of active drivers. If you are a member whose account wasn't migrated and would like to be moved over, please login to your account at the old forum and send Ian-S a PM and we will bring your account over.

New forum registrations are disabled and can only be opened by a member of the admin team, if you would like to join V8 to race please contact us through our facebook page. for further information.
If you wish to appeal a Medium penalty, please send it to Ian-S, it will get dealt with quicker.
Please ensure appeals meet the requirements and note that Minor or Major penalties cannot be appealed.

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