New or returning to V8Thunder? Server & Netcode info here...

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New or returning to V8Thunder? Server & Netcode info here...

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Starting with the Autumn 2008 Season, the V8Thunder race server will start using the enhanced netcode configuration which was tested during the off season and All Stars race.

In order to race on the V8 Server and get the best possible experience from it, everybody needs to make changes to the core.ini file on their PC which is usually located at C:\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season\core.ini

There are two ways to do it, either manually or using a supplied core file.

Manual editing:

- Navigate to your NR2003 directory and open the core.ini file (it should open with Notepad).
- Change the values of the highlighted lines so that your file matches those listed below, you'll find them listed under [Communications] near the top of the file:
alternate_ip_addr_lookup=1 ; Find IP addresses another way
bcast_listserv= ; IP address of race list server
bcast_listserv_port=0 ; list server port (0 = default)
bcast_listserv_req_freq=0.000000 ; Request race list frequency
bcast_ping_disable=0 ; Disable response to pings
bcast_send_disable=0 ; Disable sending broadcasts
bcast_send_freq=4.000000 ; Broadcast frequency (seconds)
disable_direct_connect=1 ; Disable Direct Connect
disable_icmp_checking=1 ; Don't open/check ICMP sockets
disable_ipx=0 ; Disable IPX support
disable_modem=0 ; Don't look for/use modems
disable_network=0 ; Disable network support
disable_rasapi32_load=0 ; Disable loading rasapi32.dll
disable_tcp_ip=0 ; Disable TCP/IP support
ignore_net_read_errors=1 ; Don't disco if error reading pkt
ignore_net_send_errors=1 ; Don't disco if error sending pkt
ip_addr_lookup_timeout=8 ; Timeout to find own IP address
log_server_comm_errors=0 ; Log errors for client channels?
log_server_connect_status=0 ; Issue messages as clients connect
mem_client_send_every=1 ; Client packet freq via memory
mem_client_send_size=532 ; Client packet size via memory
mem_server_send_every=1 ; Server packet freq via memory
mem_server_send_size=1028 ; Server packet size via memory
net_lan_client_send_every=1 ; Client packet freq on LAN
net_lan_client_send_size=260 ; Client packet size on LAN
net_lan_server_send_every=1 ; Server packet freq on LAN
net_lan_server_send_size=772 ; Server packet size on LAN
net_mdm_client_send_every=1 ; Client packet freq on dialup
net_mdm_client_send_size=116 ; Client packet size on dialup
net_mdm_server_send_every=1 ; Server packet freq on dialup
net_mdm_server_send_size=116 ; Server packet size on dialup
net_server_port=0 ; Server port number (0 = default)
net_use_mdm_bandwidth_for_tcp_ip=0 ; Use modem bandwidthfor TCP/IP
It is vital that your core.ini file matches the values above, especially the last line, the other values are not so important but it is essential the lines in red are correct.
Save and close the core.ini file then open it again and confirm the values are correct.

That's it, you're done and can enter the server, if you race anywhere else then the values will need changing back before entering other servers, the values to change back is everything you just changed to a 1, change it back to a 2.


If you are not sure, or don't want to attempt it yourself, you can download this tool that will make the change for you:
Save it to your desktop and run it.

This updater assumes your core.ini file is in C:\Papyrus\Nascar Racing 2003 Season\ if it is not you will need to change the path when prompted.


To restore the settings back (for other server, after the race or if instructed to before the race) run this: ... estore.exe


A set of modified and original core.ini files are also available here.


Why change net code settings?
Remember racing offline, hitting an AI and they're solid as a brick? That's what it will be like racing online with these new settings if you hit another car - it still doesn't stop some things "operator behind the wheel" related but it does improve door to door and bumper to bumper contact - the car position is updated to all players at twice the data rate of normal and so it's easier to go side by side in a corner with someone without warping into them. The new code allows for closer racing, it doesn't give you a license to go banging and beating on the guy or girl in front, the same physics still apply so most contact will still result in at least 1 car crashing.

Is it mandatory?
Yes, not making the change places additional strain on the server which can compromise everybody elses connections.

Why fix what isn't broke?
To be frank, the net code is broke, this game was designed to run on 56k modems NOT broadband connections, there a way too many cautions caused by bumps that would with this code result in no accident, there is a known fix, so why shouldn't we at least try it? If you have raced at ASCORS then you know why we're trying this.

What about racing on other servers?
You will likely need to change the values back, the only known servers running this code are ASCORS and V8Thunder.

I made the changes, entered the server, clicked drive and was disconnected - why?
You or the updater hasn't applied the changes correctly, please check the path is correct for the updater or double check your core.ini file and make sure the last line has a value of 0 if it has a value of 1, then this is what causes you to be disconnected, regardless of whether the other values are correct, if the last line is incorrect you game is limited to a 56k speed connection to the server and this is why you got disconnected.

If you experience this, DO NOT continue to connect, click drive, disco, connect, click drive etc. etc. this puts massive strain on the server and compromises everybody elses' connection, if you are disconnected once after clicking drive, rejoin the server and contact the in-race admin for assistance.

In addition this may be caused by an unrelated DEP (Data Execution Prevention) problem in Windows, to run NR2003 without problems on anything other than the Windows XP it was designed for, you'll need to disable DEP in Windows, you can read details about this issue here and here.
If you wish to appeal a Medium penalty, please send it to Ian-S, it will get dealt with quicker.
Please ensure appeals meet the requirements and note that Minor or Major penalties cannot be appealed.