Licenses 2021

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Licenses 2021

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The licenses system is being changed slightly for 2021, all the licenses have been re-evaluated and can be viewed here:

There is now a clear progression ladder through the license system but there are several changes from 2020:

An L1 license allows the holder to race in Lites only (on a Friday evening)
An L2 license allows the holder to race in Lites and Inters (Friday and Monday evenings)
An L3 license allows the holder to race in Lites, Inters and the Cup Series (on a Wednesday).
As before an L4 license holder can only race in Inters and the Cup Series.

To qualify for an L2 license a Level 1 holder must complete 4 incident free races in Lites before they will be considered for an upgrade.

Once a driver has been upgraded to a Level 2 license, they must complete two incident free Inters races before being upgraded to a Level 3 license.

Although there is no official race analysis in Inters (or the first Lites race each week) they will still be checked.

License upgrades are awarded periodically, but there will be no upgrades within the last 3 races of a series.

Every new member joining the league will have to progress through this system, returning members have slightly different criteria, but still cannot jump directly back into Cup.

If you disagree with the license you have been issued, you can either:

Make an appeal in writing that will be considered by the admin team.
Progress through the license system as listed above.

This is a fresh reset for 2021 and the first upgrade/downgrades will happen after Auto Club Speedway.
If you wish to appeal a Medium penalty, please send it to Ian-S, it will get dealt with quicker.
Please ensure appeals meet the requirements and note that Minor or Major penalties cannot be appealed.

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