Race Day email information.

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Race Day email information.

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I've been told some people are not receiving the race day emails, this is unfortunately something that is outside of our control as it's up to your ISP or email provider if they block our IP or domain name and if they do that, there's nothing we can do about it, V8 itself has a firewall filter that stops emails being received if they have certain phrases or repeated wording in so this is maybe what is happening with other providers especially if you receive one type of email from us but not another.

So what I've done is setup respective forum groups for Lites, Inters and Cup and if there is any problem with receiving race day emails, you should always be able to access a copy on the forum here:

For Lites Drivers the details are here.

For Inters Drivers the details are here.

For Cup Drivers the details are here.

As people get moved up (or down) the license system if you don't gain access to these forums please let me know.
We'll continue to send out race day emails but if you don't get them don't worry, just refer to the links above.

Do not share the password details with anybody who is not the same license level as you, even team mates, thanks.
#8 - Ian Smythe