New rules effective from Phoenix

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New rules effective from Phoenix

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In light of some incidents recently the previous 'guidance' on corner rights and overtaking has now been included in the 'rules' for racing, the rule is Rule 19 and a copy is below:
19 Corner Rights and Overtaking.
Drivers must establish substantial overlap with the car ahead before they reach the corner's turn-in point to have the right to drive up their inside and attempt to overtake, or to expect them to leave inside room for you. Substantial overlap means at least that the front of your car is in front of the rear wheels of the car ahead (in the green area in the image below - this is enough to trigger the spotter).

Good Overlap:
In the above example the blue car has good enough overlap to expect racing room in the corner, in this scenario any resulting incident will be judged upon who moved most away or towards the white/yellow or racing line, so if the inside (blue) car drifts up the track into the outside car and there was enough room left by the outside (red) car then responsibility for the incident will rest with the inside (blue) car. Similarly if the outside car does not give enough racing room to the inside car, they will shoulder responsibility for the incident.

Bad Overlap:
In this example the pink car does not have enough substantial overlap before the turn in point and will shoulder the responsibility for any incident that occurs. The ahead driver has the right to be fully committed to the racing line of their choice without any interference if there was no substantial overlap before they turn in. The turn in point is at the reviewers discretion however guidance is given that it is taken from the in game racing line turn in point if one exists.

These rules apply regardless of whether the pass is for position or lapping a backmarker, on the straight a driver being overtaken should always leave enough room for the overtaking car to pass, pushing the car behind onto the apron or squeezing them into the wall is considered blocking and may result in a penalty (even if no yellow happens).
With this now being in the rules it is hoped that there will be no more ambiguity over incidents, this rule comes into force immediately (from the Phoenix Spring races) and applies to all series.

The Penalties for blocking have also been clarified and split into two grades of penalties depending upon what results from it.
If you wish to appeal a Medium penalty, please send it to Ian-S, it will get dealt with quicker.
Please ensure appeals meet the requirements and note that Minor or Major penalties cannot be appealed.

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Re: New rules effective from Phoenix

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Given some incidents over the last week, it looks like this is going to be ever evolving project now until every facet of a race is micromanaged to the extent where there is no more ambiguity, I don't want to do this but some people are not racing respectfully, it will also make the reviewers job easier since there will no longer be any grey areas over incidents.

The first of these will be the overlap rule which will now be taken into account on the straights too, I shouldn't need to explain how it will work, but since the race analysis from Bristol and Rockingham hasn't been posted yet this will be applied to them too.
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