Remainder of the Spring 2021 schedule.

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Remainder of the Spring 2021 schedule.

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The schedule on the frontpage has been updated, the TBA slots for the away day races will be filled in shortly.

Most importantly, due to the unavailability of admins during the week 12th to 16th April (assuming Covid restrictions do get relaxed on the 12th) the Martinsville Cup and Inters companion races that were originally scheduled to take place that week, will be moved up to the preceding week and take place on the 5th and 7th April instead, during this week, NASCAR has their Easter break so we wouldn't normally be racing because of that, but because in the UK at least, Easter has effectively been cancelled for a second year running due to Covid Restrictions, nobody will be doing much over that weekend and hopefully racing on on the Bank Holiday Monday won't vause too many people issues. The Lites race that would normally run on the Friday 16th April at Richmond, will run on the 9th April instead.

Hope that makes sense :)

If of course certain recent "liberating" events in London (i.e. protests) create problems and Covid Restrictions don't get lifted on the 12th as a result, this may change but for now, this is the plan for Easter. If anybody wants to run a fun event on the week of the 12th to 16th, let me know.
#8 - Ian Smythe

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