Winter Series 2021-2022

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Winter Series 2021-2022

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Just to confirm as there has been some questions, there will be two Winter Series championships run this year on a Monday and Wednesday. They will consist of:

Monday - Truck Series - Open to all.
Wednesday - Alpine Cup - L3/L4 only.

The mods that will be used will be confirmed closer to the time but they will likely just be the PWF CTS mod and the original ingame Cup mod (just to save everbody having to paint new cars again). The Truck Series will start on 22nd November and the Alpine Cup Series on the 24th November.

There will be race analysis in both series just to keep things in check, Trucks will be as-per Lites and Alpine Cup will be as per the present Cup standards (although the ban limit will be raised). The Alpine Cup will be used to test a number of changes that have been proposed for the 2022 Cup Series, and Trucks will be, err. regular Trucks.

Friday will be kept in reserve although at present there are no plans to run a series on it (some of us need a break lol), should the world get plunged back into lockdowns over the Xmas period, then we may consider organising some events on the Friday evenings if for nothing more than to keep us from going mad.

Full details will be released shortly.
If you wish to appeal a Medium penalty, please send it to Ian-S, it will get dealt with quicker.
Please ensure appeals meet the requirements and note that Minor or Major penalties cannot be appealed.

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